Immigration Attorney Pasadena California: When Should You Seek Immigration Help

By May 29, 2019Immigration Law Blog
immigration attorney Pasadena California

Are you considering hiring an immigration attorney Pasadena California, how do you know when it’s time to take the plunge and how do you know when you could do without the cost? It’s a delicate question because most of us would rather avoid spending money where we can, but the truth is that sometimes the expense of hiring a professional is more than justified. Today we want to talk a little about situations where you should seek immigration assistance from an immigration attorney and shouldn’t delay because time is of the essence.

Immigration Attorney Pasadena California: When Should You Seek Immigration Help

If you are currently dealing with immigration concerns, you might be wondering whether you need to consult an immigration attorney. The cost of hiring an attorney may seem like an expense that you can’t afford, but depending on the situation you find yourself in, it’s an expense worth paying. So when should you consider hiring an immigration attorney Pasadena California?

When You Have Questions About Your Eligibility

If you have questions about your eligibility for immigration benefits, a green card, citizenship or anything else that pertains to your ability to enter the country or to stay in the country legally, you should consult an immigration attorney. It is possible to do your own research but there are so many nuances to immigration law and legal language is so complex that it is easy to misinterpret the law or to incorrectly follow instructions, two things that will result in a delay or even refusal of your application. Additionally, the time involved with the application process as well as the money required will both be wasted should you pursue entry into the country or citizenship when you are ineligible.

When Your Application Has Been Refused

If you have applied for citizenship or even just entry to the country and your application has been denied, you have a right to appeal your case. This appeal is an important process and your future in this country depends on your presenting a successful appeal. In this circumstance, you need an immigration law professional to help you. An immigration attorney will not only be able to help you to understand why your application was refused, but they will be able to help you to appeal your case for a more favorable outcome.

If You or Someone in Your Family Has Been into Custody by ICE

If you or a member of your family have been taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, you need to contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will help you to understand what is happening while also protecting your rights and ensuring that no one takes advantage of your status as an immigrant and any limitations you may have when it comes to communication.

If You Have Received a Notice of Deportation or a Notice of Removal Proceedings

If you or a family member have received notice that deportation or removal proceedings have been started against you, it’s imperative that you contact a reputable immigration attorney immediately. Your attorney will help you to understand the process and help to stop deportation or removal proceedings. This is usually done through a process called “Cancellation of Removal”. Your attorney can help to work with you on the specifics of your case to ensure that you receive the best representation possible based on your circumstances.

Since the process of deportation and removal can be both shocking and move quite quickly, it’s not advised that you try to fight your case alone without representation. Your distraction with the dire urgency of the case will result in the possibility of making mistakes and draw out the process. The fact that the deportation and removal process is so fast is also a problem because there is no time to educate yourself on fighting your deportation or removal.

If You Have Previously Been Deported

If you are seeking entry to the country and have previously been deported, you will find that you have a lot of problems with trying to return. When you have been deported from the country and seek re-entry, you will be deemed inadmissible for a specific length of time. Should you illegally enter the country during this time, you may have your removal order reinstated and you may face legal consequences for your illegal entry. There are some circumstances in which you can legally re-enter the country after deportation, however. If you want to know whether you are eligible for re-entry to the country after deportation and if you need legal help to begin the re-entry process, you need to consult an immigration attorney.

You Are Seeking Entry to the Country But Don’t Understand the Application Process

If you are seeking legal entry to the U.S. but you are confused about which basis for application is best for you, you should consult an immigration attorney who can help you to determine the answer. Likewise, if you are seeking legal entry to the U.S. and know which basis for application is right for you but you don’t understand or are unsure how to fill in the paperwork involved, you must consult an immigration attorney.

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