Affordable Immigration Attorneys – Tips For Affording An Immigration Lawyer

By May 11, 2021Immigration Law Blog
Affordable Immigration Attorney

If you are looking for an affordable immigration attorneys to help with your immigration case, you don’t have to hire the cheapest option there is, there are some ways that you can save money without hiring the cheapest attorney out there.

Affordable Immigration Attorneys – Tips For Affording An Immigration Lawyer

First, let’s take a look at why it’s not the best idea to hire the cheapest attorney out there.

There is a difference between cheap and affordable, keep this in mind when shopping for your attorney.

Hiring the cheapest attorney there is can cause problems for you because there is a reason why the cheapest attorney charges the lowest fees. Most of the time, this is because that attorney is hurting for business and there is a reason why they are hurting for business!

So, how can you afford an attorney that isn’t the cheapest one out there?

Affording an Immigration Attorney

Talk To Your Attorney About Payment Plans and Financing

Not all attorneys offer payment plans or financing options, but it’s always worth asking whether yours does accept payment arrangements. While making payment arrangements in this way doesn’t make your attorney fees cheaper, it does give you a longer period to pay the fees that you owe. This can be a particularly good idea if you have a windfall coming.


Consider Using a Credit Card

If your attorneys don’t offer payment plans or financing, you still have the option to make your own payment plan. You can do this by paying your attorney fees by credit card and making payments on your credit card. Just remember, though, if you do use your credit card to pay your fees, be sure to pay more than your minimum payment. If you just pay your minimum payment, you are going to make very little headway on the balance that you owe because of interest charges.


Ask a Friend or Family Member For Help

If you are close with a friend or family member who would be able to help you to afford your attorney’s fees, consider asking them for help. It may feel uncomfortable asking a friend or family member for financial help, but the outcome of your immigration case will affect them as well as you! Plus, you aren’t asking for a gift, you are asking for a temporary loan while you take care of your case. Once your case is settled, you can work out a payment plan to repay your friend or family member for their generosity.


Consider Fundraising in Your Local Community

If you have a particular skill or talent – for example, if you are a good baker – use that talent to raise funds to help to pay your legal expenses.


Utilize Auction Sites

A less popular alternative to raising funds to cover your attorney fees is to make use of auction websites where you can auction off any belongings that you no longer need or use. This means having to give up certain items that hold value to you, but the benefit is far greater since it could mean the difference between your staying in the country or your being deported.


Ask About Overtime at Work

If you are able to work additional hours and your employer is willing or able to give you extra hours, consider this as a means of making extra money to cover your attorney fees. Be sure that you don’t over-extend yourself to the point of exhaustion, though. You still need to be able to make court appearances when necessary and to appear presentable, to follow your case, and to ask questions when you have them about your case.


Look Into Assistance Programs


There are resources available that can help you to afford attorney fees for your immigration case if you meet specific requirements. If you find yourself in a bind and need legal representation look into local immigration support services that may be able to offer financial assistance. Even if they are unable to offer assistance themselves, they may also have access to unique resources that you can lean on as you work out a solution.


Looking For Affordable Immigration Attorneys to Help You?

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