Permanent residency (green card) applications can be confusing and when you’re knee-deep in the paperwork and documentation required, you may find yourself desperate for help. That’s where a good immigration attorney comes in handy. Here at Nelson and Associates, we handle many permanent residency (green card) applications for clients from all over the world and we’d be happy to assist you with yours.

Why Hire an Immigration Attorney to Help with Your Permanent Residency (Green Card) Application?

One of the biggest reasons why you should hire an immigration attorney to help with your green card application is because the immigration system is just plain complicated! With plenty of legal speak to understand, hiring an attorney can help you to quickly get through the paperwork and ensure that it’s filled in properly. This will prevent delays in the processing of your application and make sure that your application is filed according to the proper deadlines.

Another reason why an immigration attorney is a wise investment when applying for your green card is that immigration laws are constantly changing. An immigration attorney is required to stay on top of changes made to the immigration process and can work with you to make sure that you are filing for your green card according to current regulations.

A good immigration lawyer can also help you with any translation problems that you may run into during the green card application process. Here at Nelson and Associates, we provide multi-lingual support for our clients because we know how important it is for you to fully understand the green card application process. If you’d like to see if we offer support for your native language just give us a call at 626-683-3451.

Getting Your Green Card or Permanent Residency

There are multiple steps to getting your green card

The permanent residency application program begins with determining your eligibility to become a permanent resident. An immigrant petition must then be filed on your behalf and that petition must be approved. The next step in the process is to file an application to register permanent residence or to adjust your current alien status with the USCIS. Once you have done this your application will be reviewed and you will be given an appointment for biometrics. The next step is a USCIS interview which they will schedule with you. Following this interview, if your green card application is approved, your green card will be issued.

If you would like to learn about them in more detail, visit our article located here.

Retain Nelson and Associates to Help With Your Green Card Application

If you are located in or around Pasadena, California and need help from a reputable and reliable immigration attorney while going through the green card application process, Nelson and Associates are just a phone call away. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 626-683-3451 to make your appointment today.

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