Immigration Law Help: What is the Difference Between Illegal and Legal Immigrants

By February 16, 2018Immigration Law Blog
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When clients come to us for immigration law help, one of the most frequent concerns they have is understanding the difference between illegal and legal immigrants. So today we’re delving into a little immigration law 101 to try and clear up any confusion you may have.

Immigration Law Help: Illegal Vs. Legal Immigrants

What is an Illegal immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is an immigrant who has entered the country in a way that violates the immigration law of that country. An illegal immigrant can also be an immigrant who entered the country legally for a temporary stay but stayed past their leave date illegally.

What is a Legal Immigrant?

Conversely, a legal immigrant is an immigrant who enters the country in accordance with national immigration laws and who is temporarily admitted to the country and who leaves by the required leave date given to them.

Can You Be an Illegal Immigrant Without Knowing It?

Many people don’t understand that it is possible to be an illegal immigrant without knowing it.

It might sound unbelievable to someone who is unfamiliar with immigration law, but there are so many nuances of immigration law (particularly with recent changes) that it can be easy to overlook one simple procedure and find yourself being labeled as an “illegal”.

So, you may think that you have completed the immigration process in accordance with the law, but due to language barriers or an inability to understand “legal speak”, you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

What Should You Do If You’re Being Accused of Being an Illegal Immigrant

If you are being accused of being an illegal immigrant or being harassed by immigration authorities it’s time to call in an immigration attorney. This type of harassment is not only mentally devastating, but it also affects your ability to carry out normal daily routines like working a job to provide for your family!

An immigration attorney like Franklin Nelson can help you to get your life back on track and handle immigration authorities for you so that you never have to worry about feeling cornered, bullied, or simply misunderstood.

Need Help Understanding the Finer Points of Immigration Law?

Feeling lost when it comes to immigration law? Need someone to help you to understand what is happening, what will happen, and to stand up for your immigration rights? Call Nelson Immigration Law, we are waiting to take your call and help guide you through the U.S. immigration process.