Illegal Immigrant: How to Know If This Is Your Current Classification

By February 18, 2018Immigration Law Blog
illegal immigrant

“Illegal immigrant”. It’s a terrifying term and one that is thrown around far too freely in our society, so much so that its meaning can get a little clouded. So just what does it mean to be an illegal immigrant? How do you know if you are one?

Are you currently considered an illegal immigrant?

Do you currently hold a visa?

If you hold an immigrant visa or a non-immigrant visa you are more than likely NOT an illegal immigrant. It’s important that you pay attention to any deadline given to you by the immigration authority, however, and don’t overstay that deadline.

Do you have a valid green card?

If you have a green card that has not passed its expiration date, you are NOT an illegal immigrant.

Did you come into this country without the correct legal documentation?

If you came into this country without correct legal documentation and are not a citizen of the U.S., you may be an illegal immigrant and it’s advisable to contact an immigration attorney from Nelson and Associates ASAP.

Have you violated the terms of your entry to the country?

There are multiple ways that you can do this, but most often this happens when you overstay your departure date. When the U.S. immigration grants you a temporary visa, they give you a date by which you must depart the country. If you do not depart the country by this date you will become an illegal immigrant.

What Happens When You’re An Illegal Immigrant?

When you are classified as an illegal immigrant this means a number of things –

  • You are now considered to be in the country illegally which means that you can be detained or deported by the U.S. government at any time.
  • Illegal immigrants are not eligible to vote.
  • As an illegal immigrant may also not receive social security or any social service funded by federal programs.
  • You also will not have a U.S. passport which means IF you leave the country and try to re-enter, you will not be able to do so without going through the immigration process unless you once again enter the country illegally which is not advisable.

Call Nelson Immigration Law

Are you still unsure about your immigration status or do you know your immigration status but have no idea what the next step in the immigration process is?

Nelson and Associates can help! As immigration attorneys with over twenty-eight years of experience with immigration law under our belts, we have immigration solutions as unique as you are.

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