Affordable Immigration Attorney: Affordable Versus Cheap

By July 10, 2019Immigration Law Blog
affordable immigration attorney

When you’re in need, you want to find an affordable immigration attorney. There is a difference between an affordable attorney and a cheap attorney, though, so it’s important to know the difference between the two so that you get the best attorney for your representation…but how do you know the difference?

Affordable Immigration Attorney: Affordable Versus Cheap

Some people will tell you that the difference between the words “affordable” and “cheap” is nothing but semantics, a matter of words, but this isn’t the case. An affordable attorney is an attorney who charges a low fee but one that still ensures that you receive quality legal advice. A cheap attorney is an attorney who charges the lowest fee possible but one who provides you with just the bare necessities when it comes to legal advice. There are other things to consider when comparing these two attorney types as well…

A Good Affordable Lawyer Will Give You a Contract, a Cheap Lawyer Can Come with Surprises

A cheap lawyer may try to represent you without a contract, this allows them to provide you with additional invoices further down the line so while they may seem cheap, they wind up being much more expensive. Unfortunately, this also means that you may wind up with no representation at all when your bill exceeds what you originally thought you were going to pay.

An affordable lawyer, however, will provide you with a contract upfront so that you know exactly what you are paying for. There are no surprises later down the road and you understand exactly what services you are going to have to pay additional fees for.

If any immigration attorney you consult with does not provide you with a contract upfront, find one who does!

A Cheap Lawyer May Be Cheap For a Reason

When you compare a cheap lawyer and an affordable lawyer, it’s important to know that there may be a reason why a cheap lawyer has such low prices. This can be due to a lack of experience or a poor reputation, both things that can get you into a lot of trouble when it comes time to deal with your case. A lawyer with no experience can mean that your case is slowed down, that deadlines may be missed, that things get misfiled, and that things have to be done more than once. A lawyer with a poor reputation can wind up causing you even more trouble than a lawyer without experience because they can cause additional bumps in the road during your case that a reputable attorney would not cause.

Cheap Attorneys Can Be Robotic in Their Treatment of Clients

When you hire a cheap attorney you have to understand that you may be hiring an attorney who cuts out everything from their services that isn’t absolutely necessary. In some cases, this can mean that they even cut out their manners and treat you rudely and with little personal contact at all. This is a problem not only because it can leave you feeling alone during a time when you are already feeling pushed to your limits, but it also means that your attorney is not familiar enough with your personal circumstances to represent you properly. In order to represent you in the best way possible, your attorney MUST understand the intricacies of your circumstances and that means meeting you, talking with you, and working with you to make a plan. This approach also means that you are fully aware of your attorney’s plan of action in your case so that you know what you need to do to help yourself and can be proactive in your case.

Questionable Behavior

Something else to consider when you hire a cheap lawyer versus an affordable lawyer is the type of behavior you can expect from them. Sometimes the reason that an attorney is cheap is because of the type of behavior they exhibit. This can mean that they are willing to cut corners and to do illegal things to get a job done. This comes back on you as a client especially when your lawyer acts illegally in regard to your case. This type of behavior can deem you as an undesirable citizen and affect your ability to gain citizenship.

Always Be Aware

When you’re talking about immigration attorneys – any attorneys for that matter – you need quality representation not only because that’s what will get your case taken care of, but because an attorney who lacks the necessary legal skill can actually hurt your case instead of help it. Always be aware and mindful when hiring an attorney and if you have questions about a particular attorney and the quality of service that they can provide to you, consult the California Immigration Guide.

Are You in Need of an Affordable Immigration Attorney?

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