Immigration Attorney: 3 Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Attorney

By March 21, 2022Immigration Law Blog
Immigration Attorney

There’s a lot of information on the internet about the US visa requirements and application process. But the truth is that such information alone may not help you to obtain a US visa or resolve a visa-related issue. Immigration law is complex and getting everything right takes someone who is qualified and has experience with US immigration law. This is where an immigration attorney comes in.

Immigration lawyers have vast experience and knowledge in different aspects of immigration laws and is best placed to assist you with any issue regarding immigration. Unfortunately, some people try to get a US visa without the help of an attorney. At the end of the day, they find themselves either applying for the wrong visa, getting rejected or their applications taking longer than expected because of numerous errors.

Why go through all that trouble when you can get help from an immigration lawyer? It is advisable to talk to an experienced immigration lawyer right from the onset to avoid disappointments. Take your time to identify a qualified attorney who understands exactly what you want before you get started with the application process.

Below are 3 major benefits of hiring an immigration attorney:

1. Explaining your visa options

Many people do not understand how the US visa process works. That’s why they often end up making a lot of mistakes including applying for the wrong visa. It is important to understand that there are approximately 180 types of visas in the United States. All these visas vary depending on the reasons you have for staying in the United States. Some of these reasons include:

• Visiting a friend
• Seeking asylum
• Attending an event
• Seeking an education
• Looking for work or residency
• Planning on investing

Regardless of your reason to visit the United States, it is vital to choose the right type of visa that will allow you to stay in the US legally. You also need to understand that US visas are further subdivided into different categories to establish the specific activities that you can engage in while in the United States.

As such, it would be a good idea to hire an immigration lawyer to take you through the various visa options depending on the type of activity you would like to participate in during your stay.

2. An immigration attorney will help you with the requirements and application process

Failure to meet the stipulated requirements and making subtle mistakes are some of the major reasons why immigrant and non-immigrant visas get rejected. For example, if you do not provide all the necessary information or input false information intentionally while making your visa application, then there’s no way the application will get approved.

The best way to improve the chances of your application getting approved is to work hand in hand with an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer will help you understand all the requirements and ensure that you meet all of them before embarking on the visa application process.

Besides, the attorney will also ensure that you correctly fill out the visa application forms and give you all the necessary information. This will significantly improve the chances of your application being accepted.

3. Speeding up the process

In most cases, certain visa applications stay for several months or even years before a follow-up is made on them. This shows you how long exhausting a visa application process is.

Fortunately, the work of an immigration lawyer doesn’t stop after you have submitted your visa application. They can help expedite the process by following up on every stage of your visa application process on your behalf. The good news is that most immigration lawyers have various contacts in the USCIS as well as Homeland Security who can assist them speed up the application processes.

This is unlike someone who is making a visa application without the help of an attorney. It means that they will have to exercise a lot of patience before they get any feedback with regard to the status of their visa application.

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