Nelson Immigration Law California: 5 Things You Need to Know

By March 13, 2018Immigration Law Blog
nelson immigration law california

Nelson Immigration Law California is the go-to immigration attorney in Pasadena, California. Whether you are looking for help with H-1B Visa’s, business Visa’s, help with spousal Visa’s or more, Nelson and Associates can help.

5 Things You Need to Know About Nelson Immigration Law California

1. Nelson Immigration Law California Believes in Fast Response

Nelson and Associates believe in fast responses because they understand how crucial time can be when you’re facing immigration concerns. It’s for that reason that the office of Nelson Immigration Law has a 24-hour return-contact policy. Whether you pick up the phone and leave a message or send an e-mail for assistance, you will hear back from Nelson and Associates within 24 hours.

2. Nelson and Associates Offer Multilingual Support

The nature of immigration law makes it a necessity to offer multilingual support and unlike other California immigration law firms, Nelson and Associates go above and beyond. Currently, support is offered for those clients who speak English, Spanish, Filipino, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

3. Attorney Nelson Served As Co-Counsel in the Landmark Supreme Court Case INS vs.Yang

Attorney Nelson has many credits to his name, but perhaps one of the most prestigious is his role as co-counsel in the landmark supreme court case INS vs. Yang. Dealing with immigration fraud-waivers, the case found that aliens who engage in a pattern of immigration fraud should be distinguished from aliens who commit a single, isolated act of misrepresentation when requesting a waiver of deportation.

4. Nelson and Associates Will Always Stand Up For the Rights of Immigrants

Attorney Nelson and Associates have a long history of fighting for immigrant benefits that have unfairly been denied. For example, Attorney Nelson fought for the right of Filipino WWII veterans to receive benefits for themselves and their families as a result of their military service.

5. Nelson Immigration Law California Offer Payment Options For Everyone

Nelson Immigration Law believes that everyone has the right to legal representation regardless of their financial status. No matter what immigration concern you are facing, you deserve to have access to quality professional legal representation which is why Nelson Immigration offers services to suit any budget. If you require representation for your immigration needs but are concerned that your budget won’t allow for a reputable California immigration attorney, get in touch with Nelson and Associates today. Attorney Nelson and his staff will discuss your needs and your budgetary constraints and come up with a plan that works for you!

Do You Need Immigration Legal Advice?

If you need legal advice concerning immigration, reach out to Nelson Immigration Law California. You can simply complete the form located here or pick up the phone and dial 626-683-3451.