4 Facts About the DACA Dreamers Discussion You Probably Don’t Know

By March 20, 2018Immigration Law Blog
daca dreamers discussion

The DACA dreamers discussion is nothing new, in fact, we recently published a few articles detailing what you need to know about current DACA headlines. Today we’re looking at a few facts about the DACA dreamers discussion that you probably didn’t know.

4 DACA Dreamers Discussion Facts You Probably Don’t Know

1. The Protections Afforded to Immigrants By DACA Are Largely Supported

The majority of members of the democratic and republican parties, politicians and the general public, support the protection of rights that were afforded immigrants by DACA. Additionally, they want to ensure this protection continues under any new plan that is implemented to replace DACA.

It’s a common belief that the “majority” want to see the plan abolished and the protections given to undocumented immigrants withdrawn, this is not the case.

2. Additional Support for DACA Dreamers Can Be Found Within Communities

In one example of how one community plans to support DACA dreamers should no new plan come into play, Brown University has pledged to provide a fellowship for undergraduate undocumented students. They also plan to create a tuition-free fifth-year Master’s program for undocumented students graduating from Brown in 2018.

What does this mean for you? If you are a DACA recipient, this means that you can expect to find support through your community that provides protections that may be lost with DACA’s abolition.

3. Extension of the DACA Dreamers Plan is Being Used As Leverage

In a rumored proposal, President Trump proposed a three-year extension of the DACA program, however, that extension would come at the cost of three years of funding for his Mexican-American wall. The White House has issued a statement saying that they would not support such a plan, but it is clear that the DACA program is being used as leverage to influence the acceptance of other party proposals.

4. A DACA Replacement Plan is Being Postponed in Favor of Federal Spending Deal Negotiations

Democrats and Republicans have pushed back against each other with repeated DACA replacement plan proposals but no agreement has been reached as of yet. With a government shutdown on the horizon pending the approval of a federal spending deal by midnight on March 23rd, however, the DACA replacement plan is now taking a backseat and leaving dreamers in a dreaded state of limbo.

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