Immigration Lawyer: Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth the Cost?

By May 31, 2022Immigration Law Blog
Immigration Lawyer is an Attorney worth the cost

In this new age, technology has and continues to advance. Most organizations have kept up with the gradual change and have made most of their services available online. Their clients get to save on time. It therefore, is not a surprise when people question the importance of an immigration attorney.

Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth the Cost?

At Nelson Immigration Law, we appreciate technology but cannot emphasize the importance of having a lawyer. Thousands of people leave their country and travel to the USA, searching for greener pastures and opportunities. Their efforts are however met with several challenges, as stated below:

Language Barrier With Immigration Lawyer

Not all immigrants can express themselves in English. Making communication with their lawyer hard.

This language barrier can also affect decision-making in that the immigrant may make poor decisions as the terms are not well understood.

Lack of Job Opportunities

Our country believes in equality for all; despite this, some organizations still discriminate against immigrants. They are overlooked because they do not have enough knowledge of the job market or do not have the required academic credentials. As a result, most immigrants end up unemployed or underemployed, which makes affording a lawyer challenging.

Transportation Problems

Owning a car saves time and energy. Most immigrants have issues with efficient transportation because it is hard to obtain a driver’s license in the new country. If they can afford a car, it might be old and unreliable.

Getting to court on time, for instance, takes time and more resources.


Thousands of immigrants face discrimination. Religion is one source of prejudice. When officials choose to guide some people based on their religion or other social inclinations, those who do not conform to the norm are often discriminated against.

Long Processing Time

After applying for citizenship, it takes a long time for immigrants to be scheduled for interviews. This lengthy service time makes the process more time-consuming and costly as one has to request more work leaves and foot additional litigation fees.

High Application Cost

While immigrants choose to follow the legal process to obtain citizenship, the expenses are a significant barrier. One must pay for legal services, translation services, and document services to get passport photos, copies of birth certificates, and education transcripts. The lack of enough funds to cover the cost of all these bills is a challenge.

Numerous Tests for Applicants

In addition to waiting and high application fees, immigrants have to take tests before obtaining citizenship. One needs to demonstrate their understanding of written and spoken English and several civic tests. The anxiety involved in this process is a big challenge.

With so much information available on the internet, people question the importance of hiring a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive but comes with numerous advantages. Stated below are the advantages of immigration attorneys.

They Assist in Documentation

Many people living in the USA want to change their status from non-citizen to legal residents. It is the work of an immigration attorney to educate you on available opportunities and avenues.

For instance, committing crimes or being in the country illegally disqualifies you from the process, but having a spouse can help you get a green card. Here at Frank Nelson Law, we advise you on the risk and prepare you accordingly.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Handing over your problems to a trained professional gives you peace of mind. The eventual results of the process can be transformative. The process might be long, but you get to focus on your family and career by trusting us. Our professionals put in the work to get the best possible outcome.

An Immigration Lawyer Saves You Money

People think that hiring an immigration attorney is expensive while in fact, it saves you money. Some applications are expensive and, in most cases, nonrefundable. By choosing to hire us for all your needs, we follow all the required steps to ensure you get positive results, thus saving you on extra appeal charges.

Nelson Immigration Law Saves you Time

Immigration lawyers are expatriates in the legal system and policies. They know what case officers require. They fill out the necessary information on the front pages to save time. Our team leverages our years of experience to provide all the essential information, which often reduces the waiting period.

Proper Time Management

Immigration attorneys are tasked with several administrative tasks and unending paperwork. In addition to this, some cases require extensive research, which consumes more time and energy. Attorneys understand the immigration process, which makes them more efficient than someone trying to go about it on their own.

In Closing

Moving to the United States can be an exciting or somewhat painful experience.

We provide exemplary immigration services to families, individuals and businesses worldwide. We also aim to give you the best transformative process.

At Nelson Immigration Law, Our professionals are here to protect you, explain all your right and fill in the necessary paperwork. Even when the stakes are high, contact us at 626-683-3451 or 626-683-1151.