Immigration Attorney Atlanta Shares the Truth Behind Immigration Attorney Life

By December 12, 2018Immigration Law Blog
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In late November of this year, immigration attorney Atlanta, Marty Rosenblum, summarized the truth behind immigration attorney life perfectly in an article titled “Immigration lawyer finds home in shadow of giant Ga. detention center” which was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This article and the immigration attorney Atlanta should be proud to call their own both do the immigration attorney business proud!

Immigration Attorney Atlanta Immigrants Can Depend On

Of course, out here as an immigration attorney in Pasadena, we’re a long way from Atlanta, but we had to take the time to recognize the passion that immigration attorney Marty Rosenblum has for his work and encourage you – if you are ever in need of an immigration attorney Atlanta, to look him up!

“This type of work is not something you do. It has to be somebody you are.” – Marty Rosenblum

No statement summarizes the life of an immigration attorney better than this single line quote from Marty Rosenblum, immigration attorney Atlanta. A great immigration attorney doesn’t simply work as an immigration attorney, they ARE an immigration attorney. They are devoted to the cause more than the average worker is devoted to their job…after all, they have to be when you consider just how many hours they spend on the job, how many clients they help every year, and how personally vested they become in each case they work. Being an immigration attorney is more than a profession, for the “good ones” it’s a lifestyle.

Who is Marty Rosenblum?

Marty Rosenblum is an immigration attorney working for Polanco Law, a Raleigh, N.C.-based law firm. With a huge demand for immigration attorneys coming from the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia, Rosenblum frequently found himself traveling down to the largest immigration detention center east of the Mississippi River. In fact, Rosenblum found himself traveling to Stewart Detention Center so often, that it didn’t take long for him to relocate to the sleepy town just 140 miles south of Atlanta.

After relocating to the area, Marty Rosenblum became the ONE immigration attorney to live permanently in Lumpkin Georgia, the town that is home to an institution that can house up to 1,900 detainees – the Stewart Detention Center. This puts Marty Rosenblum’s services in extreme demand and it requires him to dedicate his life and most of his energy to helping U.S. immigrants who have been detained by the U.S. government.

You can imagine the workload that awaits immigration attorney Atlanta, Marty Rosenblum, and the sacrifice it requires of him to dedicate so much of his life to fighting for immigrants in a system that, according to one study, denies approximately 90% of the asylum seeking cases that it hears. Still, the human rights aspect of Marty’s work is what keeps him motivated and the work itself is nothing new to the immigration attorney Atlanta recommends for Lumpkin detainees. Prior to working as an immigration attorney Atlanta immigrants in the Stewart Detention Center could call on, Rosenblum also spent time doing human rights work in the occupied West Bank and represented Syrian refugees in Greece!

Why a Great Immigration Attorney Atlanta (and Everywhere Else) Matters

Why does it matter whether you, as a detainee, have a great immigration attorney on your side? Well, according to the law, defendant appearing in Federal immigration courts have a right to be represented by an attorney. The problem is, that affording an immigration attorney is troublesome for many. This affordability becomes an even bigger concern when you consider that according to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a research group that monitors the federal government. Nationwide, only 20 percent of immigrants seeking relief who had attorneys on their side were ordered deported compared to 76 percent without them, according to TRAC figures through September.

So, how many detainees currently being held in Stewart detention facility have an immigration attorney to represent them and their  case? According to the research, only 12% of immigrants at Stewart have!

If you or someone you love are currently being detained and you have questions pertaining to your case of or are simply trying to hire an immigration attorney to take care of your case, Marty Rosenblum is the guy you want in your corner every time, or if you’re on the opposite side of the country, Nelson and Associates can get the job done!

Looking for an Immigration Attorney in California?

If you are looking for an immigration attorney in or near Pasadena, California, Nelson and Associates can jump into action right away! Just give us a call today at 626-683-3451!  If, however, you’re looking for an immigration attorney Atlanta can really put their faith into, we recommend looking up Marty Rosenblum!