Altadena Immigration Attorney: 5 Benefits of an Immigration Attorney

By February 12, 2021Immigration Law Blog
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If you’re looking for an Altadena immigration attorney to represent you for your immigration case, Attorney Nelson can help. Today Nelson and Associates are sharing a few of the benefits that you gain from hiring an Altadena immigration attorney to represent you.

Altadena Immigration Attorney: 5 Benefits of an Immigration Attorney

What are some of the benefits of hiring a reputable and experienced immigration attorney to represent you in immigration court as opposed to representing yourself?

1. An Immigration Attorney Has Experience with the U.S. Immigration System

An experienced and reputable immigration attorney understands how the U.S. immigration system works. This first hand knowledge allows them to better represent you in court.

The benefit of having an attorney who has been through the court process before is that they will be able to make your case go more smoothly and will not make any silly mistakes that can impact the outcome of your case. Conversely, an attorney who has not handled immigration law cases before may make silly mistakes that can cost you time and money and affect the outcome of your case!

2. An Immigration Attorney Has Worked With Clients Like You Before

An immigration attorney who is experienced with immigration law will have worked with clients in your position before. This is beneficial to you because they “know the ropes.” Knowing each step of the court process having been through it before, your attorney will be able to make things go as smoothly and as quickly as possible, and you will feel less nervous or anxious about your court date. With more confidence, you will come across as being more confident in court and you will be less likely to make mistakes.

Another benefit to having an attorney who has worked with people in your situation before is that they can answer questions that you might have regarding the court processes and what you should expect. For example, if proceedings are supposed to go a certain way by formality, but in the interest of time, the court chooses to skip formalities, your attorney will be able to let you know so that you can better plan for your court date.

3. An Immigration Attorney Understands “Legalese”

There is no question that legal language can be difficult to understand. People whose first language is English have difficulty understanding legal wording, so as an immigrant who may not speak English as your first language, trying to understand legal terminology can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, if you retain a good immigration attorney, they will be able to work with you to help you understand what different terms mean. This is beneficial in a number of ways.

Firstly, you will spend less time and experience less stress trying to decipher legal terms.

Secondly, your attorney can read through legal documents quickly and paraphrase what they read to make it more understandable by putting it into “normal speak.”

Thirdly, your attorney can work with you and an interpreter to make things a little more easy for you to understand if you have particular difficulty with English as a second language.

Lastly, without an attorney, you may make mistakes and misunderstand what documents mean because you have mistranslated a document or simply misunderstood the meaning of a word. This can cause some major problems in court and for your immigration status. With an attorney, they can tell you exactly what something means and work with an interpreter to be sure that you understand.

4. An Immigration Attorney Can Help You to Plan For the Future, Too!

If your immigration case does not pertain to the process of getting your citizenship, your immigration attorney can help you to work on establishing citizenship (if you qualify) once your initial case is over. This will help you to see what options are available to you as an immigrant and to give you more freedom as a legal resident in the United States.

For example, if your attorney is helping you to work on a spousal visa so that your spouse can join you in the country, you can also ask them about how you can later pursue citizenship in the United States if you so desire.

5. A Good Immigration Attorney is a Great Resource For Information

A good immigration attorney has worked with many immigrants in their time and they have connections throughout the immigrant communities. These connections can help to provide you with information you might need in regard to resources, organizations, assistance availability, and any other contacts you might need.

For example, if you have come to the U.S. from China, your attorney may have contact with other Chinese immigrants in the city who can show you around the city and help you to acclimate to your new life.

With good resources available to them, your attorney can help to get you set up with everything you need to succeed whether that be contacts for medical help, contacts for food assistance, contacts for religious organizations, and even employment opportunities. Being able to take advantage of these resources will give you a leg up and get you started in a new place with contacts for everything that you might need.

Often, immigration attorneys work closely with charitable or volunteer communities within their area that can help you to connect with others so that you don’t feel so isolated living so far away from home!

Your attorney will also be familiar with many of the state or federal programs that are available to help people in your position so that you can get the maximum available resources to help you to get settled.

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