Lawyers for Immigrants: 5 Questions to Ask During a Consultation

By October 28, 2020Immigration Law Blog
Lawyers for Immigrants

On your search for lawyers for immigrants, you are going to want to ask plenty of questions during your consultation. As one of the leading immigration law firms in Pasadena, California, we conduct many consultations with clients, so today we’re going to go over five questions that you should ask at your consultations.

Lawyers for Immigrants: 5 Questions to Ask During a Consultation

1. What is the Cost?

Finances are always a big concern for anyone looking to hire an attorney for any reason. When you first meet up with your attorney, you need to find out whether they are affordable for you. This means that it’s important to know your budget! How much can you afford to comfortably spend on attorney fees? This means how much can you spend without having to stretch yourself beyond limits – only spending money that you have or that you can feasibly pay back without digging yourself into a never-ending hole of debt.

During your first consultation, your attorney probably can’t give you an exact figure for your case, but they should be able to give you some kind of idea of what you will need to pay. If you are in a difficult spot financially, talk to the attorney in question and ask if they offer any type of payment arrangements that could help to make your cost more affordable.

Don’t be discouraged if an attorney is out of your budget range, there are many attorneys out there who may be able to help.

2. What Are the Possible Outcomes of My Case?

Depending on why you are consulting with an immigration attorney, this question may or may not be relevant to you. It’s always good to ask this, though, if you are unsure about what could happen in your case or if you want to know more about your chances of winning your case and what could happen if you win or lose.

Again, your attorney can’t tell you with 100% certainty what might happen in your case, but they can tell you based on their previous experience, what they would expect to happen.

3. Do You Have Prior Experience With Cases Like Mine?

Again, this depends on the type of case you are seeking representation for. For example, if you are seeking help with a visa application and you are talking with an immigration attorney, the chances are that this is something that they have done a million times over. It’s a simple process that every immigration attorney should have plenty of experience with, so the question generally doesn’t need asking. Now, if your case is a more complex case or if you have a unique situation that makes your case stand out from others of a similar class, then this is a perfectly fine question to ask.

It is always in your best interest to hire an attorney who has experience in the particular type of situation that you are dealing with. This not only means that your attorney is familiar with the steps needed in your case, but it also means that they will be more confident when representing you.

4. Do You Speak My Language?

This isn’t a question that you have to ask, but it can be a very helpful one to ask, particularly if you aren’t fluent in the English language. The reason for this is because even if you speak English somewhat well, legal language can complicate things and introduce terms that you may not be familiar with. It’s extremely important that you always understand everything that is happening with your legal case, so it’s always in your best interest to hire an attorney who speaks your native language or who can provide you with a translator. There is also the option of bringing your own translator with you, but you will want to let your attorney know that you will be bringing a translator with you when you make an appointment for your consultation.

5. Do You Have Any Other Experience That May Be Helpful to My Case?

In addition to their legal training and their past cases, does this attorney offer anything “additional” that could be of help to your case? For example, are they renowned for their record of winning cases like yours? Or perhaps they are well known for their role in a landmark legal case and that experience and notoriety could be of help in your own case?

Find out as much as you can about each attorney that you are considering as your legal representative. This may seem redundant if your attorney has the proper legal training, but it can actually make a significant difference. If it comes down to a choice between two well-educated attorneys and only one of them has additional experiences that can be of help to your case, this is your ultimate deciding factor!

Just be sure not to overstep boundaries when asking about your potential attorney’s other experiences – for example, don’t ask which church they attend or which religion they follow. An attorney’s private life should never be of question and you should only inquire about experiences relevant to their occupation!

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