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By April 26, 2018Immigration Law Blog
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Have you been looking for the top rated immigration lawyer California has to offer? Worried that you’ll be represented poorly in your immigration law case and trying to find the best representation you can? If you’re in the Pasadena or Los Angeles, California areas then don’t panic, just pick up the phone and call Nelson and Associates today at 626-683-3451!

What Makes Nelson and Associates the Top Rated Immigration Lawyer California Can Offer?

1. Immigration Law Is Never ‘One Size Fits All’, Neither are Nelson and Associates!

Immigration law is composed of many areas that each require their own approach. When you combine that type of diversity with the unique circumstances of each and every client…well, a ‘one size fits all’ solution just doesn’t apply.

Nelson and Associates understand that each of their clients has†circumstances that are specific to them. Unlike other immigration lawyers, however, they don’t expect a cookie cutter solution to apply to each and every client. Instead of forcing their client’s circumstances to fit a singular approach, Nelson and Associates spend the time each of their clients deserves creating a custom-fit solution that not only works for you but one that they can be sure that you understand.

2. Immigration Law Is All About Diversity – Something Nelson and Associates Cater To

There are few legal fields as diverse as immigration law and for that reason alone, a top-rated immigration lawyer California can count on should cater to that diversity. So many immigration law firms in California provide their services without a second thought as to just how much their client understands. They wave off their clients telling them that they’ll “take care of it” or there’s “nothing to worry about”, but Nelson Immigration Law doesn’t believe in condescending their clients, They feel that it’s crucial that you understand every step of your legal case which is why they offer consultation services in†English, Spanish, Filipino, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Have other needs? Just call and ask and Nelson and Associates will do what they can to help!

3. The Heart of Immigration Law is Advocacy and Nelson and Associates Stand Up For Immigrant†Rights

Unlike many other legal fields, immigration law is built on a foundation of advocacy – standing up for the rights of immigrants to provide them with fair representation and equal rights in the eyes of the law. Even some immigration lawyers don’t understand just how important advocacy is to the field they work in! But, the truth is that every immigrant that seeks out legal counsel is asking for advocacy of some type or another and Nelson and Associates are not only willing to provide that advocacy, but they have a long history of doing so.

Over the past twenty-eight years, Nelson and Associates have not only fought for the rights of their individual clients, but they have made a conscious effort to speak out and make a difference in immigration policy. Some examples of this include†fighting for the rights of Filipino WWII veterans to receive benefits for themselves and their families due to their military service and obtaining protection in the United States for many victims of domestic violence who were not protected from abuse by their own governments.

4. An Immigration Law Firm Should Understand All Aspects of Immigration Law, Nelson and Associates Do

Immigration lawyers are not only responsible for representing clients seeking their green cards or fighting deportation. No, immigration law has many facets that cover everything from the circumstances mentioned already to walking company executives through the process of hiring overseas employees to come to work for them in the U.S.

Unfortunately, not every immigration lawyer is equipt to handle the various aspects of immigration law and as a result, they see only part of the picture. Nelson Immigration Law has a broad and well-rounded understanding of (and experience in) the many aspects of immigration law. This increased exposure to the “whole picture” of immigration law means that Nelson and Associates are better able to understand how the cogs of immigration work in your†big picture so that they can create a solution that works for you.

5. Facing a Legal Case Can Be Terrifying, But Nelson and Associates Are ALWAYS There for Their Clients

Facing any type of litigation can be terrifying, but when the outcome of that litigation could mean being sent back to a country that offers you little in terms of opportunity…well, the fear can be paralyzing. Sadly, too many immigration lawyers overlook just how fearful the immigration system in the United States can make their clients. Their ongoing exposure to the legal system causes them to become desensitized to the process and that creates a disconnect between you and them.

Nelson Immigration Law isn’t like those other California immigration lawyers, though, they know that even with the best attorney by your side, you may feel uncertain or worried. That’s exactly why Attorney Nelson and his staff have enacted a 24-hour response policy. When clients reach out, Nelson and his team make it a priority to return their call or e-mail within 24 business hours (although it’s usually sooner!)

Why is this important? Because the last thing that you want to do when you’re worried about your immigration status or your pending court case is to have to worry that you can’t get in touch with your lawyer either! Yes, Nelson is a busy law firm just like the rest of them, but where other attorneys care about how many cases they can fit into their schedule, Nelson believes that EVERYONE deserves quality service and fair representation and that means being available for you when you need them the most!


Ready to Hire the Best Immigration Lawyer California Has to Offer?

If you’re ready to get the representation that you deserve no matter what type of immigration law circumstance you are facing, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Call Nelson and Associates today at†626-683-3451 and let them give you the representation that you deserve!