Hiring a Multilingual Immigration Attorney in California

By June 13, 2018Immigration Law Blog
immigration attorney in California

Hiring an immigration attorney in California is about finding someone with the ability to represent your best interest. Of course, experience plays a significant role in your immigration attorney’s ability to provide you with the best legal service, but so too does their ability to speak with you and understand you. That’s why it’s always best to hire a multilingual immigration attorney.

Benefits of Hiring a Multilingual Immigration Attorney in California

You Should Understand Your Attorney

You are paying your attorney to represent you and it’s important that you understand what they are telling you. The immigration law field is complicated enough when your attorney speaks your own language, but when you’re trying to understand legal speak and a foreign language it only adds to the confusion.

Hire a multilingual immigration attorney in California to represent you in your immigration case to get a clear understanding of what is happening with your case.

Your Attorney Needs to Understand You

It’s not just important for you to understand your attorney, but it’s also important for your attorney to understand you. Working with an attorney who does not speak or understand your native tongue makes it easy for misunderstandings to happen and this is a big problem when you’re dealing with the legal system.

Hire a multilingual immigration attorney in California so that they can understand your situation and you can explain the details without the risk of misinterpretation.

Document Translation

When working with your immigration attorney it’s inevitable that you will be faced with a pile of forms and paperwork. While many of these documents are available in translated versions, you may need translation services for ones that are not.

Having an attorney who speaks your native language means that you have access to document translation on the fly. This ensures that you fill in and file documents properly so that the immigration process doesn’t get held up. It also means that you don’t lose money you don’t have by filing paperwork that gets rejected.

Prevent Misinterpretation

Speaking with anyone about your case when English is not your first language can result in your using improper words or phrasing. These things can be misunderstood to mean something other than what you intended. In some cases, this type of miscommunication can create problems for your immigration case and hold things up or cause more serious problems with your immigration status.

Hiring an attorney who speaks and understands your native language means that you can explain yourself in your own language. This will prevent you from choosing the wrong words in English and allow your attorney to make the appropriate translation for you.

A Multilingual Immigration Attorney Can Understand Your Culture

In some cases, having an attorney who speaks your native language means having a lawyer who understands your culture. If your immigration attorney hails from the same area as you do or is familiar with that area, they have a better understanding of your culture. Why is this important? Because different cultures translate situations, actions, and intentions differently and this can result in more misunderstanding for everyone.

It’s Easier to Talk to Someone Honestly in Your Own Language

No matter what type of situation you are facing, it’s always easier to talk to someone honestly in your own language. When your attorney speaks your language, however, you can be candid about situations that may affect your case, you can ask any questions that you might have, and you can generally feel more at ease. Your attorney always holds what you say in confidence, but it’s easier to speak to them in confidence when you can speak openly.

Having Trouble Finding a Multilingual Immigration Attorney to Represent You?

If you are having trouble finding a multilingual immigration attorney who speaks your native language to represent you, you still have options.

If you are in or near Pasadena, California, Nelson and Associates can help!

If you aren’t located near to the offices of Nelson and Associates immigration lawyers, you can also consider traveling to obtain an attorney who can better help you. It’s important to hire an attorney who is licensed to practice in immigration law and who is licensed to practice in your state, but you may have better luck finding an attorney in more populous areas of your state.

Still having trouble finding an attorney who can represent you in your native language? We recommend contacting your embassy to ask for assistance. In some cases, they may have free resources for translators who can help you with the immigration process by playing an in between for you and your attorney. If your embassy can’t recommend free resources for translators, they will most definitely have resources for paid translators who can provide you with the services you need. If you’re worried about being able to afford a paid translator discuss your concerns with your embassy representative and they may be able to better help you find a translator who can work wth your budget.

In Need of a Multilingual Immigration Attorney in California?

Are you in need of a multilingual immigration attorney in California? If you’re in need of professional representation from a reputable immigration attorney in Pasadena, Nelson and Associates can help. Just pick up the phone and give them a call at 877-466-4452!