As a U.S. citizen, fiancé and spouse temporary visas or K1 and K3 visas are both visas that will allow you to bring your fiancé or spouse into the U.S. But how do these visas differ and how do you go about applying for each?

K1 Visa

A K1 visa is a fiancé visa. As a U.S citizen, you can bring your fiancé to the U.S with the intention to marry them on a K1 visa. When you sponsor your fiancé with a K1 visa, they are permitted into the country with the assumption that you will be married within 90 days. It takes approximately 6 months to complete the K1 visa process and once you are married your spouse can then apply for an adjustment of status to become a legal permanent residence through USCIS. It will take approximately 10 1/2 months to obtain legal permanent residency after application for a change of status.

A fiance visa results in the individual in question being admitted to the country much faster than a K3 visa.

K3 Visa

A K3 visa is a spouse visa. As a U.S citizen, you can bring your spouse to the U.S on a K3 visa. The K3 visa is referred to as a nonimmigrant visa. A K3 is valid for people who were married outside of the U.S. This type of visa is granted to someone who is married to a U.S. citizen, someone with a petition for alien relative that has been filed by their U.S. citizen spouse, or someone with an approved I-129F that has been forwarded to the American consulate abroad with the intention of applying for a K-3 visa.

A K3 visa takes longer to bring a spouse into the United States than a fiance visa takes to bring a fiance to the U.S.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to File For Fiancé and Spouse Temporary Visas?

While it is possible to file for any type of visa without the assistance of an immigration attorney, it’s not recommended. An immigration attorney knows their way around immigration law and can not only help you identify which type of visa is best for your circumstance but also how to fill in the necessary forms properly. With a good immigration attorney on your side, you won’t get held up by delays due to improperly filed forms and you won’t lose money as a result of filing for the wrong type of visa!

An immigration attorney can also help you by answering any questions that you might have about the immigration process. and with an attorney like attorney Nelson on your side, you don’t have to worry about things getting lost in translation. Nelson and Associates currently offer translation for a number of native languages. If you’d like to know if your native tongue is one of them, give Nelson and Associates Immigration Attorneys a call today at 626-683-3451.

Looking For an Attorney to Help with Your Fiancé and Spouse Temporary Visas?

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